Barnyard Millet Kuthiraivali Rice

Barnyard millet (Hindi: Sanwa, Kannada: Oodhalu) – This is the fastest growing millet producing yield in 6 weeks, this has the highest fibre and iron content of all the millets.Nutritionally too, Barnyard millet is an important crop. It is a fair source of protein,which is highly digestible and is an excellent source of dietary fibre with good amounts ofsoluble and insoluble fractions. The carbohydrate content is low and slowly digestible, whichmakes the Barnyard millet a nature’s gift for the modern mankind who is engaged insedentary activities.

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Barnyard Millet Kuthiraivali Rice Gallery

Virudhunagar-Semi-Polished-Barnyard-Millet-Rice-Wholesaler-Dindigul Virudhunagar-Semi-Polished-Barnyard-Millet-Rice-Wholesaler-Dindigul
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